Paving the City of Dakar by Means of High Intensity Manpower Techniques

(Dakar, Senegal, 2011-2016)

Background Information

Dakar, like all big capital cities in Africa, is confronted to a problem of town planning. From its position as the economic capital of Senegal, the city is the destination of a massive migration which emphasizes urban poverty. Dakar witnesses the spoiling of its environment and the anarchical occupation of its thoroughfare giving birth to suburbans and insalubrity whereas unemployment constitutes a real plague for the youth. The unemployment rate is 15% in Dakar. The program of the paving aims at modernizing and embellishing the city while more than 1500 employments can be generated. This project is necessary because it aims to organize the rebalancing of distribution networks and facilities of the city. It takes a matter of urgency in terms of uncontrolled and rapid changes taking place daily on the sector and tends to make such intervention more difficult. It responds to a need for parallel structuring of the urban planning of the city of Dakar.


Goals of the Initiative

The program aims at bettering the environment and living conditions of citizens through the creation of productive jobs, enhancing peoples’ living standards, developing public spiritedness among citizens, embellishing and cleaning the city, fighting against sanding over and facilitating urban mobility.


Parties and Partners to the Initiative and Resources Used for Implementation

The program of paving is entirely supported by the City of Dakar which assures its funding. It’s about a not-for-profit project that the City of Dakar pilots through its technical services especially the Direction of Urban Development and the Paving Management Unit that coordinates with the executing company the Beli Sasha Group. From achievements, the city hopes to attract some partners that would attend them.


Innovation for the Initiative

The project is revolutionary in as much it’s the first time in Senegal that such a program is led from the creation of the manufacture, to the taking charge of the training as well as the exploitation itself. Moreover, the quality of manufactured paving stones did not exist in Senegal before. The technology was imported from Burkina Faso, a country that has much progressed in this domain.

The innovative aspect of the project resides in the use of high intensity manpower techniques (HIM); this approach has already proved itself in Senegal through a great deal of projects that allowed creating a significant number of jobs for underprivileged classes.

The paving of the City of Dakar is an urban development project which is in keeping with the general pattern of a policy entitled Dakar Horizon 2025. The object in target is to make of Dakar a modern town by being in total adequacy with the growth strategies and poverty reduction in Africa.

As part of this project, authorities were enthusiastic to the idea of choosing the concept sold by the BELI SASHA GROUP through the shift of the technology of production and the layer of vibrated paving stones by the use of HIM techniques. Probing results obtained in Burkina Faso in using this technique have facilitated their adoption in Dakar.

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