São José dos Pinhais, Brazil(巴西,圣若泽杜斯皮尼艾斯)

Digital Platform and Social Participation Campaign to Improve Public Health Respons


Urban expansion in São José dos Pinhais has influenced wildlife habitat, exposing both humans and animals to the risk of infectious diseases. In recent years, there was a bulge in the number of yellow fever cases. To prevent an outbreak of an epidemic, the municipal government of São José dos Pinhais launched a public health campaign using SISS-Geo, a mobile application designed by  the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - Fiocruz. SISS-Geo allows its users to record georeferenced information in real time on dead or alive, healthy or sick animals, vestiges and environmental impacts. By integrating citizens with National Health Surveillance Program, SISS-Geo enhances the public health ministry’s competence to monitor yellow fever outbreaks, other emerging zoonoses and environmental conditions.


 The integration of local actions carried out by the Zoonoses Surveillance Unit of São José dos Pinhais, together with Health Departament of The State of Paraná and General Coordination of Arbovirusis from the Brazilian Ministry of Healyh allowed the identification and design of viral transmissioncorridors and priority areas of vaccination. The local campaign has proven that using the SISS-Geo Platform for monitoring non-human primate health in real-time is beneficial. On the one hand, it gives public health officials up to two months’ advance notice of an outbreak, time enough to vaccinate thousands of people. On the other hand, it allows time to develop animal protection initiatives that help protect wildlife.