Workshop for Thought Leaders: Learning from Urban Innovation

2015-11-02 14:59:58

2-6 November 2015                 

Guangzhou, China                       

Urban leadership plays a vital role in facilitating urban transformation and innovation. The megatrends of globalization, urbanization and climate change are compelling local governments to search for more effective policies, strategies and governance models to make their cities more loveable, more competitive and environmentally sustainable.  

In this context, the “Workshop for Thought Leaders: Learning from Urban Innovation” is conceived and designed to help policy and decision makers learn from outstanding innovations in urban resilience, prosperity and sustainability. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for city leaders to engage with leading experts, practitioners and urban leaders in learning from best practices in solving urban challenges and in making cities work for their citizens.

Tentative Outline

I. Time 

2-6 November 2015

II. Venue 

Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

III. Hosts 

Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation

UCLG Community on Urban Innovation

Metropolis-ASPAC Regional Office

IV. Organizer

School of Government, Sun Yat-Sen University

V. Participants 

City managers and policy makers worldwide (15-20 in   total)

VI. Content 

•Speakers:   prestigious international experts will be invited to share the cutting-edge   ideas and practices on outstanding leadership.

•Roundtables:   various groups, including enterprises, NGO, officials, scholars, etc. will   discuss new forms of public-private-community partnerships.

•Dialogues:   moderators will lead the participants to exchange on urban transformation and   innovation and how to improve policy and decision-making.

•Panel   discussion: Chinese experts will explain the city leadership outlook in   transitional China.

•Case   studies: outstanding initiatives selected from the Guangzhou   International Award for Urban Innovation will be presented and analyzed for   lessons learning.

•Presentation   of an “Action Plan”: each participant will have the opportunity to   discuss and prepare a back-to-office action plan with the support of experts   on improving urban management and governance.

•One-to-one   coaching: specific guidance and advice will be provided by the   international experts to address the challenges facing your city. 

•Field   trips: several site visits will be conducted to look at urban development   in Guangzhou.

Draft Agenda

Workshop for Thought Leaders: Learning from Urban Innovation

Day 1(Nov 2)

Opening Ceremony

Introduction to the Workshop

Speech: Overview of Global Urban Innovation

Speaker: Mr. Sunil Dubey, Advisor to METROPOLIS

Roundtable: Issues and Challenges in Urban Transformation

Case Study on the Guangzhou Award Initiatives in Urban Innovation

Day 2 (Nov 3)

Speech: Outstanding Local Leadership

Speaker: Robert O’Neil, Executive Director of ICMA, USA

Group Discussion

Site Visit of Guangzhou Urban Innovation (1)

Day 3 (Nov 4)

Case Studies: Excellent Practices on City Leadership

Speech: Sustainable Urban Development

Speaker: Zhu Dajian, Professor of Tongji University, China

Panel Discussion: New forms of City Partnerships

Day 4 (Nov 5)

Speech: Leadership — Inspiring Change in Practice

Speaker: Robin Hambleton, Professor of the University of the West of England, UK

Best Practices on City Leadership

Working Groups: Formulating an “Action Plan”

Group Discussion and Presentation

Site Visit of Guangzhou Urban Innovation (2)

Day 5 (Nov 6)

Speech: Recent Changes and Practices in Urban Governance of China

Speaker: Mr. Lan Zhiyong, Professor of Renmin University of China

Methods and Tools for Innovative City Leadership

Presentation of the “Action Plans”

Closing Ceremony

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