Study Tours for the 3rd Cycle of the Guangzhou Award

2017-05-24 18:54:14

The Secretariat of Guangzhou International Award is organizing study tours to a selection of cities from the 2016 Guangzhou Award. The study tour is scheduled to take place in the course of 2017. The purpose of the study tour will be for local government officials and their respective stakeholders to learn from each other and from the host city in particular.  

The initiatives were selected by an independent Technical Committee for the Guangzhou Award and focus on issues including smart city, ecology and environment, urban renewal, social governance, and circular economy.

1Ramallah, PalestineRamallah Smart Cities: Freedom through TechnologyMay

- Copenhagen, Denmark

- Brussels, Belgium

- Asuncion, Paraguay

- Copenhagen Climate Resilient Neighborhood

- Boosting Together the Sustainable Development of the Brussels' Canal Area

- Masterplan for the Historical Center of Asuncion

May - June

- Boston, United States

- Tlajomulco, Mexico

- Youth Lead the Change: Youth Participatory Budgeting

- Environmental Law Prosecution Local Office

4Malang, IndonesiaWater Banking MovementJune

- Qalyebeya, Egypt

- Nanning, China

- Integrated Community Based Solid Waste Management System

- Kitchen Waste Resource Utilization and Harmless Treatment Plant

June - July

- Luleburgaz. Turkey

- Menashe, Israel

- Yiwu, China

- Sex, Egalitarian Approach and Directrices

- Education towards Coexsitence between Israeli Jews and Arabs in our Regional Council and its Surrouding Councils

- Promoting Social Cohesion and Integration through Foreign National Trade Mediators

7Jakarta, IndonesiaJakarta Participatory Planning and Good GovernanceJuly

- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

- La Paz, Bolivia

- Development of Sustainable Transport System

- The La Paz Zebras: A citizen culture project


- Tampere, Finland

- Berlin, Germany

- Milan, Italy

- Guangzhou, China

- Model of the Best Regional Circular Economy Concept for Cities, Companies and Citizens

- m4guide (mobile multi-modal mobility guide)

- ALL YOU CAN SHARE - Sharing Mobility in Milan

- Real Bus: a smart transport system


- Songpa, South Korea

- Sydney, Australia

- Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant

- Delivering Sustainable Sydney 2030 - Adderssing Climate Change


NOTE: The routes and cities listed above may change. If you are interested in participating in one or more of the study tours, please contact Mr. Roger Lawe at and/or and send us a letter of intent describing your current duties and motivation to participate in the study tour(s) as well as a brief bio (not more than 200 words).