• 【FOCUS】 Promote Cultural Heritage Protection And Urban Development


    This week's IN FOCUS, we will introduce five innovation cases that make cities sustainable through cultural construction.

  • 【FOCUS】 Promote Urban Infrastructure Construction


    This week's In Focus, we will introduce five innovative initiatives about promoting the urban infrastructure.

  • 【FOCUS】Prompt Safe Public Spaces


    Cities provide basic security for the lives and properties of their residents, maintain and safeguard the order, interests, and values of the public domain. A good public security is the core foundation of urban development and also the basic conditions f

  • 【FOCUS】Promote Employment And Decent Work


    This week's In Focus will introduce five innovative cases that prompt employment and entrepreneurship.

  • 【FOCUS】Coexistence With Wetlands----The Future Of Cities


    This week's In Focus will introduce five innovative cases of urban wetland.

  • 【FOCUS】Digital Transformation Of Cities


    Digital transformation is in line with the trend of innovative urban development and industrial upgrading and plays an increasingly important role in urban development. This week’s In Focus will introduce five innovative acts that demonstrate digital tra

  • 【FOCUS】Innovation Acts in Climate Change


    Climate change is a long-term threat for human beings and the situation is urgent to solve. Climate change will bring high risks to economic and social systems and ecological and environmental systems. This week In Focuses presents five selected innovativ

  • 【FOCUS】Eradicating Poverty


    The major policy challenges facing the developing world are how to sustain the rapid economic growth that reduces multidimensional poverty and is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

  • 【FOCUS】Reduce Inequality Within and Among Countries


    This week, In Focus introduces five innovative cases that aspire to promote disability rights and create more inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

  • 【FOCUS】Housing Innovation Acts


    ​Housing issue has been a tough obstacle since the acceleration of urbannization. Comparing to the high-speed economy growth and population growth, lands are limited. Targeting at this challenge, some cities have response actively and generated their solu