GZPI promotes Guangzhou practices at C40 BRT Network Workshop

(guangzhouaward.org) 2017-06-27

Representatives from Guangzhou, the city in South China, attended the C40 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Network Workshop in Santiago, Chile, from June 26 to 28, where they promoted the city's practices in sustainable transport projects. 

On behalf of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government, staff members from Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI), took part in the conference with officials and experts from 14 other cities, such as London and Boston.


MOBILIZE, the 2nd International Sustainable Transport Summit, begins on June 28 in Santiago, Chile.

The workshop, which was jointly sponsored by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the regional metropolitan government of Santiago, focused on sharing excellence in planning and implementation of BRT networks, optimizing land utilization and achieving sustainable public transport through exchanges between global cities. 

Taking advantage of the platform presented by the C40, Guangzhou representatives were active in several seminars during the workshop and delivered speeches promoting Guangzhou’s achievements in public transport and slow-traffic systems.

To draw on experience from best practices and accelerate implementation of sustainable transport projects, Guangzhou delegates also took part in the 2nd International Sustainable Transport Summit MOBILIZE, held in Santiago from June 28 to 30.


Representatives from different cities hold face-to-face discussions during the C40 Bus Rapid Transit Network Workshop in Santiago on June 28.

Guangzhou joined the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group as a metropolitan member in 2015. All of the 80 member cities of the organization are megacities with a population of more than 3 million or core cities that take strategic positions in tackling the challenges of climate change. Five other Chinese cities are also members of the organization.

GZPI works for Guangzhou Land Resources and Planning Commission and Guangzhou Municipal Government. In recent years, the institute has finished a series of projects, including planning the Guangzhou transportation hub, planning the construction of the city’s intercity rail transit system by adopting the TOD (transit oriented development) approach, to make contribution to the goal of Guangzhou to construct a hub and network city. All those projects constitute important technical support for participation in C40.

The city is also dedicated to promoting its experience and research findings to other cities across the country, including Taizhou, Zunyi and Yichang.