Guangzhou award research group dress as zebras in
La Paz

( 2017-08-21

The research group of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (Guangzhou Award) was dressed up as zebras to better study the cultural project in La Paz, Bolivia, from Aug 17 to 18.

On behalf of the Guangzhou Award, Mr. Augusto Mathias, Member of the Technical Committee of the Guangzhou Award and Advisor of the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil, and Mr. Johnny Magdaleno, a journalist from magazine Citiscope, went to learn experience from the initiative of La Paz, one of the winning cities of the third Guangzhou Award in 2016.


A research group of Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation learn about the initiative of "Zebras: A Citizen Culture Project" in the city of La Paz, in Bolivia, from Aug 17 to 18.

La Paz's "Zebra Project" motivates young and vulnerable groups to participate in educational programs which inspire citizens to serve the society with a new appearance, and makes great contributions to the city´s quest for better living conditions.

Representatives were briefed on the progress of the zebra project and held in-depth discussions with volunteers taking part. To better explore the social values, they also dressed themselves as zebras experiencing the cultural and educational activity underway in the city.