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With the wider infiltration of economic globalization, environmental protection and energy preservation have arisen as prominent global concerns. Waste disposal is critical in addressing those concerns. In line with the idea of the seminar, this special focus on promoting a green, cyclic and sustainable development, by studying practices of waste disposal in various cities.


Guangzhou Award Cases

Waste management in China and abroad

​In recent years, with climate change and energy resource shortages becoming increasingly serious, people’s awareness of environmental protection issues has been gradually enhanced.

Guangzhou leads garbage classification in China

Guangzhou comprehensively promoted the garbage classification management system to address the problem of "being besieged by garbage".

Comprehensive waste management on government agenda

Managing the waste of a megalopolis with an urban population of millions, such as Guangzhou, is no easy task. Since 2012, Guangzhou has focused on garbage classification as a key to tackle the challenge.

'Three-box' dustbins to promote garbage sorting

Haizhu district in Guangzhou, the capital of South China's Guangdong province, has introduced a "three-box dustbin" system to promote the separation of domestic waste.

Liu Jinghao

Incineration plants should be a regular method to eliminate waste pollution to guarantee a tidy and clean environment.

Jia Feng

Facing how to reduce waste, turn waste into resources and dispose of waste in a harmless way is a major task in China.

Ramani Narayan

Government has to take a pro-active step by providing monetary incentives.

Ali Abbas

We need technology innovations for the sustainable processing of industrial waste or by-products.

Japan rigorously classifies refuse

Trash sorting procedures are strict in Japan, but are beneficial for environment.

Changsha to upgrade waste management

Changsha intends to upgrade over 600 urban garbage disposal facilities within five years.

Beijing to make communities tidy

Beijing is to take new measures to better manage household garbage.

How Mysuru became India's 'cleanest city'

Mysuru, known as India's "cleanest city", topping national ranking on solid-waste management.

Sweden's revolutionary recycling of rubbish

Sweden has imported rubbish to keep its recycling plants going.

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