• Ramallah, Palestine: Smart City, Freedom Through Technology

  • Tel Aviv, Israel: The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Residents Club - "Digitel"

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A World Leading Emergency Control Center

  • Aviles, Spain: Connectivity – The Key to a Smart City

With the progress of internet-related technologies, cities are facing both challenges and opportunities. Promoting digital information technology has become irreversible trend that has swept across the world as it helps better build and manage a city, ease urban disease and achieve sustainable urban development.

Cities run on a stream of data that will be performed with advanced analytics for useful information. The cities use such information products to advance service innovation, bring economic, social and environmental benefits, and push forward cities' growth in a low-carbon, high-efficient and convenient way.

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  • Cheryl Martin

    Data sharing helps us make better decisions.

  • Guo Renzhong

    A smart city should have a unified data center and data platform.

  • Ester R. Fuchs

    Data can be used in every aspect of urban governance.