【FOCUS】 Improving the Ecological Environment

2020-03-11 17:34:55

As the problem of climate change caused by human activities is being increasingly urgent, the United Nations has made “Climate Action” the 13th goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which is also an important subject in Guangzhou Award. As the Chinese Arbor Day is approaching, Guangzhou Award Secretariat would like to share a series of initiatives that contributed to improving climate condition, such as the forest protection project in Salvador, Brazil, the winners of the 2018 Guangzhou Award.

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award 

Salvador, Brazil
Caravana Da Mata Atlântica

Caravana da Mata Atlântica is a participatory program that aims on engaging citizens on the planting of trees and create an ecological and sustainable culture in Salvador. It’s an itinerant action in which a specialized team of the Sustainable City and Innovation Secretary (SECIS) develops and implement with a community, a group, students from a school or local inhabitants a landscaping, afforestation or urban garden project… (Read more)

Santa Fe, Argentina
Santa Fe’s Western Urban Natural Reserve: Embracing The Hydroclimatics Risks

It started in 2015, with the essential objective of transforming 142 hectares of reservoirs into a protected natural area. In this way, the reservoirs were incorporated into the system of Green Public Spaces in order to benefit more than 80,000 residents, promoting education and environmental awareness, improving the quality of life. Also it promotes economic and social development through labor training activities and advice for the reconversion of informal waste collectors, the creation of community orchards and the construction of a plants nursery for the restoration of this anthropized area… (Read more)

Malang, Indonesia
"Water Banking Movement", Transforming Glintung Go Green from Flood Risk Area

The first goals are to transform the mindset of people about the importance of all parties’ participation to change a climate risk area into a climate resilience area, in a green and prosperous kampong. And to reach the goals of kampong’s leaders, together with its inhabitants, create a road map which includes the following steps… (Read more)

Linköping, Sweden
Linköping Carbon Neutral 2025

Linköping has a bold goal: to become an absolutely carbon neutral city by 2025.  The city council’s road to that goal was launched through broad-based collaboration and partnership with residents, employers, universities, other cities and national and international networks. And the municipality has sought to lead by example: it uses renewable fuels (over half its vehicles use biogas) … (Read more)

Cases around the world

Alxa League, China

Alipay Ant Forest Project

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Since its launch, Alipay Ant Forest has attracted over 500 million users, planted 100 million real trees in Northwest China covering a total area of 112,000 hectares, and protected a total area of 12,000 hectares of conservation land. Alipay Ant Forest has also helped create around 400,000 job opportunities and RMB 60 million (USD 8.4 million) in income by working with farmers to plant trees, develop organic agricultural products, and connect them with e-commerce platforms… (Read more)