• 【FOCUS】Helping People in Need


    In a society where economic development is a priority, there are also many people who need more caring from us. As an award that focuses on the overall development of the city, in many previous initiatives of Guangzhou Award, the living conditions of many

  • 【FOCUS】Community is the KEY to Urban Development


    Nowadays, community planning is a key to better urban development. Properly planned communities can help cities to move towards a better future.

  • 【FOCUS】Let’s Go Green!


    Transportation is an important part of our daily lives, but it is also one of the main sources of our carbon emissions. Using some innovative transportation systems to travel green is also a way for us to protect the environment.

  • 【FOCUS】Education for a Better Future


    Education is the foundation for everyone's preparation for the future, through which we can share the knowledge accumulated by our predecessors. In a certain sense, education determines the future of the country and the nation, which is the cornerstone of

  • 【FOCUS】Celebrating the International Labor day


    In today's society, the workers have always been the mainstay of building our beautiful world. As the International Labor Day is approaching, let's review these initiatives with the Guangzhou Awards Secretariat as a tribute to our great workers!

  • 【FOCUS】One Earth, One Dream


    April 22nd is the International Earth Day. The Earth Day is dedicated to the world's environmental protection, aiming to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection and, more importantly, to encourage people to participate in environmental activi

  • 【FOCUS】Get prepared for the COVID-19


    COVID-19 has attracted everyone's attention. The right way to combat this global epidemic is to stay united and help each other. Now let’s learn about these scientific knowledge and events with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

  • 【FOCUS】 Scientific Urban Planning


    In recent years, lots of scientific and innovative ways of urban planning are applied to cities, which provide citizens with a more comfortable and convenient living environment.

  • 【FOCUS】Guangzhou Award was highly commended in an UCLG report


    Recently, a report entitled The Localization of the Global Agendas: How local action is transforming territories and communities, was released by UCLG...

  • 【FOCUS】Waste Management: For a Better Future


    To find out more about waste management, let’s learn from these successful initiatives and cases introduced by Guangzhou Award Secretariat!