• 【FOCUS】Build a Smart City


    The smart cities connect communities, activities, services, systems and people together by technology to improve quality of life and preserve the planet’s resources. Today’s In Focus will focus on smart city governance and introduce five outstanding initi

  • 【FOCUS】How Cities are Combating Climate Change


    Climate change is getting more intense than we expected, which may impose a lasting negative influence on man and nature in return. As a result, combating climate change has become an increasingly significant issue for urban sustainable development. Today

  • 【FOCUS】Solutions for Megacities’ Sustainable Development


    With a larger population and more complicated social and economic systems, megacities are facing greater risks, hence they must ponder over city resource coordination to ensure citizens’ quality of life and promote sustainable development.

  • 【FOCUS】Educational Innovation Brightens the Urban Future


    In today’s world, educational innovation plays an important role in training up talents and promoting urban sustainable development. This article will present four initiatives of educational innovations.

  • 【FOCUS】Building a Shared Future for All


    Since the Convention on Biological Diversity came under the United Nations Environment Programme in 2000, protecting biodiversity has become a common vision of all countries. Today’s In Focus will show you five initiatives of urban innovation about biodiv

  • 【FOCUS】 Invest in Our Planet


    Nowadays, the green development focusing on the ecological benefits is a new trend, leading cities to invest efforts in relevant aspects, such as green industry and low-carbon lifestyle. Today’s In Focus will show you four initiatives of green development

  • 【FOCUS】Fight against COVID-19, Remain City Resilient (2)


    The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has exerted a globally dramatic impact on people's daily lives and the urban development since 2019. Today's In Focus will show you five initiatives of urban innovations that display resilience during the pandemic.

  • 【FOCUS】Women Empowerment for an Inclusive Society


    March 8th is International Women's day. Women play an essential role in creating human civilization and act as key promoters in social progress. In 2015, gender equality and women's empowerment were listed as important goals in the United Nations 2030 age

  • 【FOCUS】Embracing Sustainable Olympics, Embracing Brighter Future


    Recently, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics held its closing ceremony, and its slogan, Together for a Shared Future, has not only left a deep impression on people but also reflected the concept of sustainable development.

  • 【FOCUS】Urban Innovation in ASPAC Region —— Awarded ASPAC Cities of the 5th Guangzhou Award


    Among all the 5th Guangzhou Award submissions, 59 initiatives are from the Asia Pacific, and four of them were awarded. Those initiatives show how Asian-Pacific cities stay resilient under the impac