【FOCUS】 Scientific Urban Planning

2020-04-08 16:59:14

In recent years, lots of scientific and innovative ways of urban planning are applied to cities, which provide citizens with a more comfortable and convenient living environment. As an award advocating urban innovation, Guangzhou Award has many successful initiatives of scientific urban planning, which are also some fine examples about practicing the 9th United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Let’s review these initiatives together with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award 

Sydney, Australia
Green Square: From A Rich Industrial Past to A Vibrant, Sustainable and Connected Community

The Green Square project when conceived was revolutionary in that it was the first large scale brownfield redevelopment to be undertaken in Sydney. Master planning and coordinating development and delivery of public domain and civil infrastructure across multiple different landownerships had not been done before… (Read more)

Asuncion, Paraguay
Master Plan for The Historical Centre Of Asunción

The initiative is certainly evolutionary, and it represents a significant evolution both in the practice of urban planning in Latin America and in the Ecosistema Urbano proper practice. We propose 10 intervention strategies in which we rely on participatory processes and some existing global examples combining all this information together under a fresh new approach… (Read more)

New York City, USA
Global Vision I Urban Action: New York City’s Voluntary Local Review (VLR) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Though the SDGs were agreed at the national level, cities are at the frontline of implementation. Residents feel and see the challenges addressed by SDGs daily, in their streets and communities. In April 2015, NYC committed to the principles of growth, equity, sustainability, and resiliency through its groundbreaking OneNYC strategy which is a model for sustainable development at the local level… (Read more)

Guadalajara, Mexico
Citizen-Led Metropolitan Coordination of Guadalajara

As a metropolitan area, Guadalajara has faced a vast range of strategic barriers that could not be solved by the individual municipal government bodies that compose it. These included environmental, social, economic and planning issues that inevitably would affect the neighboring areas and beyond each municipality… (Read more)

Case around the world

Barcelona, Spain
Smart City Series: The Barcelona Experience

Image via Zigurat

Barcelona’s City Council then decided that the only way to move forward was to transform city’s economy and social profile and promote a new economy based on knowledge industries, modern-city tourism, and quality infrastructure for residents, investors, and visitors alike. As a result, Technology became an essential tool to make Barcelona more inclusive, productive, self-sufficient, innovative, and community-oriented… (Read more)