【FOCUS】Education for a Better Future

2020-05-07 13:55:06
Education is the foundation for everyone's preparation for the future, through which we can share the knowledge accumulated by our predecessors. In a certain sense, education determines the future of the country and the nation, which is the cornerstone of national development and social progress. Moreover, Quality education is the 4th goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. Now let’s learn about these excellent educational initiatives with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Villa de la Paz (Development Center for the Municipal Program for Children at Risk)

Image via Children International
The main goal is to contribute and guarantee the fundamental rights of boys, girls and young adults that live in Guatemala City and that are related to child labor. The specific goals are:
•To improve the opportunities for human development of 1,200 boys and girls between 2 and 15 years old and who are subject to child labor or at imminent risk to live on the street.
•To provide education and protection to 1,200 boys and girls between 2 and 15 years old and who are subject to child labor or at imminent risk to live on the street… (Read more)

Valenzuela, Philippines
Education 360-Degrees Investment Program

Image via Development Academy of the Philippines
Basic education is the responsibility of the central government. The Valenzuela city government took it upon itself to transform the system through which education is delivered. It took charge of planning and implementing a program using a bottom-up approach. Instead of piecemeal reforms, the city government embarked on a holistic approach that will strengthen all the processes which affect basic education… (Read more)

Antioquia, Colombia
Educational Parks for Youth

Antioquia has set up an education system of 80 innovative educational parks, which are designed to supplement traditional education with programs to enhance young peoples' knowledge of science and technology, innovation ability as well as their art and culture skills. Each of the parks is being designed by architects selected via design competitions to give each park a unique and local identity… (Read more)

Menashe, Israel

Education towards Coexistence between Israeli Jews and Arabs

To ensure participation of educational bodies across the area, we first created a partnership with two organizations that helped us move the program forward: Education Cities and Givat Haviva. Though it is true that Menashe regional council is a joint, Jewish-Arab municipality, we deemed it important to create partnerships with neighboring Arab councils as well… (Read more)

Case from the UN

Africa grapples with huge disparities in education

Image via AMO/Jackie Clausen

At the dawn of independence, incoming African leaders were quick to prioritize education on their development agendas. Attaining universal primary education, they maintained, would help post-independence Africa lift itself out of abject poverty.
As governments began to build schools and post teachers even to the farthest corners of the continent, with help from religious organizations and other partners, children began to fill the classrooms and basic education was under way… (Read more)