【FOCUS】Let’s Go Green!

2020-05-28 12:19:50
Transportation is an important part of our daily lives, but it is also one of the main sources of our carbon emissions. Using some innovative transportation systems to travel green is also a way for us to protect the environment. Guangzhou Award has always attached great importance to the concept of environmental protection, and many of its initiatives are excellent examples of green traveling and intelligent transportation. Here's a look back at these innovative initiatives with Guangzhou Awards Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award

Guangzhou, China
"Real Bus":A Smart Transport System

Image via Ruyuechuxing.com
In accordance with government guidelines to provide “Internet +” services, the “Real Bus” project integrates traditional transport with modern technology (“traditional + internet”). It provides a bus service based on the demands of the market rather than of the government, and uses new technology to analyze and adapt services to optimize and encourage safe and comfortable bus use instead of private cars, thereby also meeting environmental policy goals… (Read more)

Berlin, Germany
M4guide - Mobile Multi-Modal Mobility Guide

The objective is to develop a consistent transportation navigation system that includes all forms of transportation. This system will help blind and visually impaired people travel from place to place in an unfamiliar urban environment whether they are on foot, using public transport, at train or bus stations or at citizen’s offices. This objective is not an isolated solution… (Read more)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Development of Sustainable Transport System

Image via China Daily
The initiatives shall increase the accessibility and reliability of the public transport system to all users. Pedestrians shall have a better walking experience and connectivity. It shall create regulated traffic flow and improved traffic safety. Monitoring and controlling capacity of the traffic management agency shall be enhanced… (Read more)

Milan, Italy

All You Can Share – Sharing Mobility in Milan

Image via Dreamstime.com
Milan has just published its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), which represents an important change to the city’s mobility and transport policy for the next 10 years. It is aimed at enhancing public transport, giving value to urban space, and shifting the urban mobility focus from private car ownership to a model based on shared mobility services (such as car, bike, and scooter-sharing) across the whole metropolitan area… (Read more)

Case around the world

L.A. Metro wants to spend $138 million on electric buses. The goal: An emission-free fleet by 2030

Image via Los Angeles Times
Converting the Orange and Silver lines to electric power will be a leap of faith for some Metro employees, who wrote in a recent report that zero-emission buses today pose “significant risks to service and operation.” 
“We have a high degree of confidence that with today’s technology, on those two lines, we’ll have great service,” said John Drayton, Metro’s director of vehicle technology. “But going forward, we want to see this technology improve a bit more.” … (Read more)