【FOCUS】Community is the KEY to Urban Development

2020-06-05 01:53:42
Nowadays, community planning is a key to better urban development. Properly planned communities can help cities to move towards a better future. As an award that advocates for innovative urban development, there are a number of excellent initiatives in Guangzhou Award that showed us how to scientifically plan a community that can bring better lives to people. Now let's learn the secrets of successful community planning with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award 

Repentigny, Canada

A City For All - Citizens And Families

Over the years, the municipality has been keen to improve the quality and diversify the services offered to the citizens. This contributes to the attractiveness of our territory and to the quality of the living environment. A challenge has been to provide to the citizens an easy access to all the relevant and up to date information on the municipal programs and activities. This is in our view an essential condition to foster social integration and civic participation and to develop a sense of belonging to the community… (Read more)

Curridabat, Costa Rica
Curridabat Ciudad Dulce

Sweet City is a platform from which to envision Curridabat’s future development from a 360-degree angle, and manage projects within the five dimensions that collectively energize the citizens’ experience of the place they inhabit: biodiversity, infrastructure, habitat, coexistence and productivity. These five dimensions define the current government plan, which was approved by the community through the electoral process… (Read more)

Busan, Republic of Korea
Creative Urban Regeneration Project for the Establishment of a Sustainable City
Image via backpackers.com
The greatest beneficiaries are the residents of the deprived neighborhoods. Education programs are provided to the unemployed to help build up their capacity, providing a new chance to start a business or find a job. Jobs are created in these neighborhoods as well whenever a community group is turned into a cooperative, social enterprise, or corporation. Profits accrued from the transformation of the neighborhood into a tourist resource are returned to and utilized by the neighborhood itself, allowing all residents to enjoy the benefits… (Read more)

Changwon, Republic of Korea
Building the Best (Eutteum) Neighborhood
This project was developed to give citizens a voice in the shaping of the community development project, with the goal of creating an improved quality of life for the citizens, who would organically nurture community leaders through the project’s success. Citizen participation was integral to the success of this project. To ensure the project’s success, The City of Changwon sought to increase project awareness throughout the community by applying a variety of outreach methods, with hopes of increasing local citizen action and participation… (Read more)

Case around the world

United Kingdom
Community at the heart of UK urban regeneration

Image via Sohu

Towns and cities in the UK are facing strategic challenges and social changes as urban population expands, exerting pressure on land, from green belt to former industrial sites with the potential for housing. In this new era of urban transformation, people put more emphasis than ever on its impact to the local communities and the lives of those who live and work there. Urban regeneration has been gathering speed since the late-1980s, shaped by political and economic strategies, and after the most recent recessionary slowdown is again firing on all cylinders… (Read more)

(Editor: Ke Xintong)