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2020-07-03 01:30:16
In a society where economic development is a priority, there are also many people who need more caring from us. As an award that focuses on the overall development of the city, in many previous initiatives of Guangzhou Award, the living conditions of many vulnerable groups have been improved a lot. Let's review these heart-warming initiatives with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award 

Junín, Colombia
“Ancestral Wisdom as a Tool for Peace ": An initiative on Welfare Work, on Housing Project based on an Innovative Proposal to Green Building and on Low Cost

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Goals of the Initiative:
•To encourage the return of a significant number of people displaced by violence, and to provide housing and improvements to run-down homes in a maximum term of one year.
•To promote inclusion policies with the intention that some displaced people will be enabled to return to the municipality; and to provide employment to poor people for housing intervention… (Read more)

Seferihisar, Turkey
Public Card Financial Aid System aka Seferikart

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The Public Card is as a welfare activity coherent with the Sustainable Development Goals. The project has a mission of supporting people in need without exposing their condition to the community. As the municipality we are fully devoted to our duties as fighting against poverty, improving the quality of life and enabling social and educational equity. Therefore, the public card has been and will continue to be a powerful means to help these causes. The project has also contributed a lot to the development of small-scale retailers… (Read more)

Kfar Saba, Israel

The Unit of Community Services for People with Special Needs
The unit’s ultimate goal:
•To develop solutions for people with special needs and their families;
•To support mentoring services and empowerment groups for siblings of children with special needs, a group for grandmothers of children with special needs, extending informal activities and services, establishing social enterprises, and more… (Read more)

Büyükçekmece, Turkey
Our Disabilities Don't Have To Stop Us!

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At first, our aim was to reach at least 30 disabled children and their parents. We aimed to convince them that they can overcome the difficulties. We reached this aim, and then we started to reach 80 disabled people and their parents. We supported the teenagers to find jobs and helped them to gain their self-confidence. They feel themselves normal just like the other people in the community. Anymore, they know the disabilities cannot stop them. We continue our initiative with the new people and their parents… (Read more)

Case around the world


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It starts with a global awareness that all public places must be accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility. In 2008, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism introduced the new "Barrier-free" law to improve accessibility in everyday life. It's introduced for the safety of the elderly, the number of whom is constantly growing in Japan, but also for a whole category of people with disabilities, both temporary and permanent… (Read more)

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