【FOCUS】Citizen’s Participation Makes the Future of the City

2020-08-04 15:11:34

The importance of the citizen as the main character of the city is reflected in every aspect of city life. It is only by working with the citizens and listening to their voices that the cities can grow faster and serve the people better. As an award that promotes urban innovation, Guangzhou Award appreciates these excellent initiatives that promote cooperation between government and the citizens. Let's review these excellent initiatives together with Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

Initiatives of Guangzhou Award

Ashkelon, Israel 
A Smart City Decision Support System: Improving Service Performance, Accountability and Citizen Satisfaction

Image via Dreamstime.com

Ashkelon is dedicated to strategic principles in citizen participation and feedback, smart governance and the sustainability of “Green Management”. The successful outcome of our pilot project shows that the Smart Decision Support System has a direct positive impact on improving resident quality of life. Follow-up surveys show a steady increase in citizen satisfaction at all levels of service. The drive to improve our behavior and efficiency in public services underscores the importance of follow-up and accountability in response to needs of local citizens… (Read more)

Moscow, Russia
Collective Decision-making System “VMESTE!” (“TOGETHER!”)
Image via Sohu.com
The “VMESTE!” system gives citizens an opportunity to influence administrative decisions at all stages. The goals of this initiative are to involve the maximum possible number of people in city administration; to improve the quality of administration by combining the knowledge and experience of citizens and public officials; to facilitate the dialog between people and authorities… (Read more)

Sabadell, Spain
Open City Council: The 4 Dimensions in Public Transparency

Image via Fotografía urbana / Fèlix González
Goals of the Initiative include: improve the citizen's proximity feeling, favouring their participation and implication in strategic decision processes and shared project management; establish a trust and legal security climate, which favours business and investment initiatives ant economic growth; spread informative tools to support business development; and divulge the information and success accomplishments to improve the prestige and recognition of Sabadell… (Read more)

Tel Aviv, Israel
The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Residents Club - "Digitel"

Tel Aviv-Yafo will enable clients to choose the communication channels that are most convenient to them for receiving information and services, and will encourage continuous and accessible use of the digital connection with them. It will also initiate proactive provision of information to clients, facilitate the digital delivery of all its services, make use of cutting-edge technologies to create high quality and customized services, enable its clients to take part in a democratic dialog regarding social issues both on the municipal website and through additional means, which enables the municipality to involve residents in initiatives, activities, events and plans… (Read more)

Case around the world

London, United Kingdom
Smart London Plan

Image via Sohu.com
‘Smart London’ must put people and businesses at its heart - so that Londoners can propel the innovation that will make London an even greater city. Technology and innovation are changing our lives; the Mayor’s vision is to ensure that they both help the city as a whole to function better, and are used to better meet the needs of Londoners’ and businesses, mobilising them to be part of that change. Ask Londoners, businesses and other stakeholders what ‘Smart London’ should look like and deliver, and mobilise them to be a part of the solution - through the use of new digital tools, social media and online platforms… (Read more)

(Editor: Ke Xintong)