【FOCUS】Housing Innovation Acts

2020-12-31 10:02:19

Housing issue has been a tough obstacle since the acceleration of urbannization. Comparing to the high-speed economy growth and population growth, lands are limited. Targeting at this challenge, some cities have response actively and generated their solutions. Let's check out how their urban innovation works!

Mataró, Spain

The Yes We Rent program targets at the vacancy of the local housing market as well as employment market. The program trains adolescents in basic renovation works, provide them with practical work experience and by this improve their chances on the job market.

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Lyon Metropole, France

The Home Silk Road project aims to provide diverse affordable housing solutions and services for vulnerable groups, while placing them at the heart of the city.

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Budapest, Hungary

The E-Co-Housing project aims to demonstrate that it is possible to create a model combining social co-housing with the highest standards for energy efficiency and smart IoT solutions.

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Brussels, Belgium

The main objective of Care and Living in Community is to realize  an inter-generational inclusive cohabitation focused on care, gender and solidarity, offering access to rent and home-ownership to low-income people.

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Ghent, Belgium

This project renovates 100 households in Ghent. Candidates are supported technically, financially, administrative and socially, and the general quality of living of the households and of the neighbourhoods are improving.

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