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2021-02-26 14:18:04

Living and working in peace and contentment is the common pursuit of humanity. Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood and is of great significance to society's production and development. Promoting employment and entrepreneurship can foster sustainable economic growth, maintain social stability, and increase people's happiness. The Sustainable Development Goals refer to the creation of decent jobs for all. This week's In Focus will introduce five innovative cases that prompt employment and entrepreneurship.

BEACH (Brighton & Hove Employability Advice and Careers Hut)-Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom

BEACH (Brighton & Hove Employability Advice and Careers Hut) is a website developed to improve young people's employment chances. It offers employment advice specifically relating to the local situation and was designed by and for young people. The government brought together a group of students to discuss employability skills, employers' expectations, and barriers to getting a job. The students then interviewed potential employers around Brighton & Hove to explore employment opportunities and ways to increase their chances of getting a job. All the final information is available on the BEACH website.

Like many cities, Brighton & Hove is facing an above-average youth unemployment issue. The city began developing the website in 2011 in response to a legislation change, which calls for young people to remain in learning from 17 to 18. Brighton & Hove want to equip young people with the right skills and knowledge to enter the workplace.

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Guide: providing support to women entrepreneurs-Munich, Germany
Starting your own business while taking care of a family is time-consuming. It is one reason women in Germany do 60% more unpaid work than men and underrepresented among entrepreneurs and startup founders worldwide.

The Guide is a non-profit project that accompanies female entrepreneurs as they move toward self-employment in Munich and the surrounding region, providing training, advice, counseling, and networking opportunities. It supports women in planning and establishing their own service sector business, women returning to the labor market after raising a family, and women who may encounter problems finding employment. Women can access consulting services and figure out if entrepreneurship is the right option for them. The Guide regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and networking events where women can share their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

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Rennes Metropole: Inclusive employment through waste management-Rennes Metropole, France

Rennes Metropole has a lower unemployment rate than the overall rate for France, but 39% of these people have been unemployed for more than two years.

Rennes Metropole has a 25-year policy to tackle low-skilled people's long-term unemployment through a partnership with non-profit social enterprises. It includes social clauses in its public procurement requiring companies that bid on tenders to create a social inclusion program within the services they will carry out for the city. The procurement includes hiring people who are long-term unemployed, disabled, or providing training to underqualified workers.

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Modern facility for transforming cassava into attiéké in the Songon Kassemblé-Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Given the large proportion of unemployed young people and people who have dropped out of school in the village of the Abidjan region, the District Governor of Abidjan implements several projects to generate wealth and employment for women and young people. One of them is "The Modern Cassava Processing Unit," a pilot project implemented in the Songon Kassemblé.

The project includes the construction of new infrastructures to modernize the production of attiéké. Attiéké is a side dish made from cassava, an essential source of food in West African countries. Thanks to the new processing unit, the production of attiéké have increased tenfold: 1000 kg attiéké a day can be produced at 15 hours of work. Moreover, this project has fostered economic development and improved women and young people's social inclusion in the village.

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Inside Out-Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is the center of the Belgian fashion industry. Yet refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria with experience in the industry find it impossible to get work. The factors that prevent them from getting jobs are their lack of formal qualifications and the lack of expression and confidence that poverty caused.

Inside Out is an innovative program that combines social care with work experience and education to give new refugees with textile and clothing experience the help they need to gain self-esteem, secure jobs, and contribute to more sustainable fashion industry. The city's social welfare organization, OCMW Antwerp, saw an opportunity to open the labor market for refugees and revitalize the local fashion industry by bringing productivity back from abroad and promoting recycling programs.

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