Vienna, Austria

2021-09-13 11:26:12

Werkstadt Junges Wien

Basic City Data

Population size: 1897491

Population Growth Rate (%): 1.30

Surface Area ( 41487

Population Density (people/ 4.57

GDP Per Capita (U.S.$): 58.56

GINI Index: 0.27

Main Source of Prosperity (e.g. industry, trade, tourism, creative industry, etc.): trade, service industry

The goal of Werkstadt Junges Wien is to make Vienna the most child-and youth-friendly city in the world. Over the past 50 years, Vienna has shifted from a shrinking and aging city into a young and growing one. The city decided it was crucial to create meaningful opportunities for children and young people to experience democracy in a positive, hands-on way. By showing them that their opinions and ideas matter, Werkstadt Junges Wien creates a feeling of self-efficacy through many small-scale participation offers. But the initiative goes the next step by aiming for a more structural, long-term, and large-scale approach. The objective is to put social inclusion of all children and young people living and growing up in Vienna at the heart of policy-making and city administration. The innovative process enables children and young people of all age groups and backgrounds to connect to a process where they can freely articulate their ideas for the city. To date, the impressive result is 193 specific measures and actions underway across the city. The strategy has been adopted by the Vienna City Council and thus is a binding commitment.

The TC selected this initiative for several reasons:

1. Leadership in Governance - It demonstrates a bold new awareness for children and young people; 

2. Innovation - It also shows innovation, in that the focus on youth ultimately touches all parts of city administration; 

3. Empowerment and Inclusiveness - This initiative empowers children and young people and empowers the city government and administration; 

4. City Learning and Adaptation - At first, Vienna wanted children and young people to think about their city. Still, in the end, the city is now thinking about children and young people. There is an entirely new awareness that goes beyond the conventional ideas of democracy.

This initiative touches upon all of the SDGs. It has the most direct relevance to Goal 3: ensure health and well-being for all at every stage of life. Under the New Urban Agenda, Werkstadt Junges Wien is a good example of the commitment to ensure that all citizens have access to equal opportunities and face no discrimination.