Call For Photos: Growing With The Cities

2022-04-29 11:22:07

Humans gather to form the city, while the city provides its dwellers with a place to thrive. As individuals are chasing better life in the city, the city is growing and transforming through human activities.

Cities are thickly inhabited by memories. The process of city development has been inscribed into the urban landscape: the renovation of an old building, the launch of a new railway, the creation of a green space, and the operation of an innovative public service... What are the changes to your city? How have you been involved in these changes? 

To celebrate the 10th year of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, the Secretariat of Guangzhou Award is looking for photos that capture the course of urban development. The selected entries will be displayed at the Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Award.

We are asking individuals and organizations from all over the world to look through their photo albums and send the best one(s) to us by 12:00 on August 10, 2022 (GMT+8).

How to select photos?

  • Black and white as well as color photographs will be accepted.
  • Single image as well as images in series (up to 5 photos for each series) will be accepted.
  • Only electronic photos and printed photos that have been converted into scanned documents will be accepted.
  • All submitted images should be in JPEG format. The file size of each photo should be no larger than the recommended 15 megabytes (15MB).
  • Only minor modifications to the photos will be allowed (brightness, contrast, and saturation etc.); No composite photos will be accepted.

How to submit photos?

  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • The photographer's name, affiliation, and any copyright information. Where possible, ensure permission from the photo subjects.
    • A full caption in DOC format with as much detail about the photo as possible including biographies of people in photos, locations, dates, and situational context. The word count shall not exceed 350 words. Language of the caption should be either Chinese or English.
    • Attach digital photos to the email.

Guidelines for Photos

  1. The content of photos should be about the city or urban areas.
  2. The submitted photos should be able to imply the changes, improvement, or development of cities.
  3. The applicable themes include but are not limited to:  renovation of buildings/streets/utilities, projects of city-development, construction/operation of facilities, improvement/increasing of green spaces, innovation of community services, memorable city events, etc.

Guidelines for Introduction

While writing your photo introductiontry to think about the following questions:

  1. Where was the photo taken? What does this location mean to you?
  2. How did things change in the photo? What was the original scene look like? How did it change to its current status / What’s its future vision?
  3. How have you been involved in / benefited from this progress? What are your feeling/thoughts about such changes? 

What's next?

  • The contributors whose work has been selected will be granted:
    • a certificate of honor issued by the host of the photo contest.
    • opportunities to attend a series of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Guangzhou Award.
    • $80 Amazon gift cards. 
  • The selected photos will be:
    • displayed at the Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Award this year.
    • published on the official website of the Guangzhou Award and other international organizations, as well as recommended to various media platforms.
  • After the activity, a regular column will be opened on various media platforms of the Guangzhou Award to share the excellent submissions that have not been selected for the exhibition.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully as they apply to your participation in all the related activities. By submitting the photos and caption and any other related information, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Secretariat of Guangzhou Award reserves the right to interpret these Terms and Conditions and decide on any questions or disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions.
  • Please ensure that you have or are able to get permission from the photo subjects to have their image displayed or printed in Guangzhou Award products or published on our website or social media.
  • Please ensure that all the content and information that you provide, including, but not limited to any photos, scanned documents, texts, do not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third-party.
  • When loss is caused to the Secretariat of Guangzhou Award by any infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of a third-party, the contributor shall be liable for any indirect, punitive, consequential, or special losses.
  • By submitting the photos and captions and any other related information, you are agreeing to grant a license to the Secretariat of Guangzhou Award to use them without compensation in the following situations including, but not limited to the reproduction, publication, exhibition, and compilation of your work.
  • We might come back to you to request additional information or a high-definition version of your photos if your work is selected for the exhibition. Contributors who are not able to provide the materials required will be deemed to have withdrawn from the activity.


If you have any additional questions or require further information, please contact us via the email address: