Nicholas You Shares Urban Innovation Lessons in the Urban Innovation Forum

2023-09-18 10:41:14

On September 15th, Nicholas You, Adviser of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (Guangzhou Award), Former UN-Habitat Senior Policy and Planning specialist made a keynote speech on “A Decade of Urban Innovation: Implementing the SDGs and the NUA at the local level” at the Guangzhou Library. 

In his keynote speech, Nicholas You shared the lessons learned from four excellent initiatives——the participatory 3Rs program in Surabaya of Indonesia, the Milan Food Policy in Italy, the inter-municipal approach for the safeguard and enhancement of mangroves in Saint Louis of Senegal, the La Paz Zebras in Ecuador, and the women and children’s medical care program in Guangzhou. By making an in-depth introduction to these award-winning initiatives, he demonstrated how cities build better and more livable spaces, promote urban sustainable development, and push ahead the progress of urban civilization.


“In the process of urban governance and innovation, we need to put people first, to involve multi-parties in, including the trans-department communication and cooperation inside government, the participation of enterprises, schools, teenagers, and other stakeholders. Only in this way, can we truly promote the urban progress.” Nicholas highlighted the importance of people and participation when introducing those initiatives.


Nicholas’ speech on urban innovation was met with warm applause from the audience, followed by a lively Q&A session. "How can waste disposal in cities be sustainably advanced?" “How can the government get better involved?”...... The audience raised questions on topics such as urban governance and innovation, to which Nicholas answered in detail. The Urban Innovation Forum was then brought to an end in a pleasant atmosphere.

This event is held as the 21st Urban Innovation Talk. The Urban Innovation Talk is co-hosted by the Guangzhou Award and Guangzhou Library with the help of GIUI, aiming to popularize the new concept, knowledge, and practice experience of urban innovation to citizens. 

The Urban Innovation Forum is organized by the Guangzhou Award and Guangzhou Institute of Urban Innovation, with the help of the Guangzhou Library. With an aim at popularizing new concepts, knowledge, and best practices of urban innovation to the general public, 21 Forums have been held to date since its inauguration in 2016. The Forum also receives guidance from the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government and support from Southern Finance Omnimedia Corp.