Antalya, Türkiye

2023-09-21 09:46:50

Eco-friendly Farmer Card – Protect your environment, collect points, win prizes

Basic Data

Population size: 2735791

Population Growth Rate(%): 2.60

Surface Area ( 20909

Population Density (people/ 129

GDP Per Capita (U.S.$): 10665

GINI Index: 0.4

Main Source of Prosperity: Tourism, Agriculture and Livestock, Commerce, Mining, Health

This initiative by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is designed to reduce hazardous agricultural packaging waste, which has significant negative environmental and health consequences, particularly in intensive farming areas. The project reduces plastic pollution from pesticide-laden packaging that is harmful to soil, that causes pollution and that indirectly contaminates 98% of Antalya’s drinking water. 

Solar, fire-resistant vending machines receive deposits of agricultural waste packaging via personalized key fobs. The farmers depositing the waste are rewarded with farming sensors, greenhouse materials and tools. Farmers are also trained to identify and dispose the hazardous waste. 

The initiative involves multiple partnerships and models of cooperation between municipalities, citizens, the private sector and academia. It also applies circular economy principles that prioritize sustainable resource use and waste reduction, making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability, the circular economy, local economic development and sustainable communities whilst reducing carbon emissions.