Gwangju, Republic of Korea

2023-09-21 10:01:10

GwangJuness Community Care

Basic Data

Population size: 1,425,739
Population Growth Rate(%): -0.57
Surface Area ( 501.1
Population Density (people/ 2944.0
GDP Per Capita (U.S.$): 82,408
GINI Index: 0.33
Main Source of Prosperity: The stronghold of the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement in 1980 (listed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World)

“No citizen is left out” is not just a slogan for the city of Gwangju. The previous caregiving system in Korea selected beneficiaries based on age and income, and only supported those who were eligible to make an application. To address this gap, Gwangju has created an innovative care model, Gwangjuness Community Care, for anyone who needs care.

Dong-office (smallest administrative division) care managers visit individuals in their homes, check their situation, and apply for needed services. Gwangju has launched 16 new care services and plans to inject US$7.74 million annually to encourage citizens facing economic hardship to take advantage of these care services. “Care Call” has been launched as a single application channel to increase convenience. 

To ensure implementation, Gwangju has established a “dedicated division,” designated 320 care managers, and selected 38 private sector care service providers.