Jakarta, Indonesia

2023-09-21 10:16:14

Reclaiming spaces for children using public transportation through the Navi Station initiative

Basic Data

Population size: 10562088
Population Growth Rate(%): 1.47
Surface Area (sq.km): 661.23
Population Density (people/sq.km): 15973

In Indonesia, new public transport systems such as metro and light rail are developing rapidly, so it is crucial to prepare the next generation for safe and ethical use of rail-based public transportation. This requires the development of a new tool to help improve children's knowledge and awareness of relevant knowledge and safety norms.

This initiative in Jakarta aims to prepare the next generation to make safe use of rail-based public transportation. It has created a toolkit for children aged between 5 and 7 years that focuses on train station literacy. The toolkit uses toys like bricks, activity books, playmats and papercraft using rail transport logos and mascots. The content and approach of the toolkit are validated by pre-school teachers and comprehensive evaluation is through pre-tests, post-tests and edu-visits (observation). 

There is a pentahelix multi-stakeholder engagement between the Bandung Institute of Technology, the Jakarta Transportation Authority, rail operators, SMEs, and School/Community. The Ministry of Education is also involved in the adoption of the initiative.  The initiative is a good example of promoting universal accessibility to public facilities, including transportation, by empowering children to navigate train stations.