Kazan, Russia

2023-09-21 10:18:50

Eco-rehabilitation of the city park

Basic Data

Population size: 1,314,685
Population Growth Rate(%): 4.00
Surface Area (sq.km):638.40
Population Density (people/sq.km):2,232
GDP Per Capita(U.S.S):9300
GINI Index:0.39
Main Source of Prosperity: Machinery, chemical and petrochemical industry, light industry, food, construction, trade, tourism

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical staff and patients at a hospital near Chaikovoye Lake in the city of Kazan became acutely aware of the lack of open-air public spaces around the hospital that could enable patients to recuperate and allow medical staff and hospital employees to relax. The area around the hospital was neglected and the lake was polluted. 

This initiative was developed to create a unique multi-purpose public park near the hospital that could be used for recovery, recreation and relaxation. Patients can do therapies, such as reflexology, in the park and enjoy the picturesque scenery around the lake, which helps them to recover faster. Hospital staff now have a place where they can relax and play sports. The lake near the hospital has been rehabilitated and aquatic plants have been grown in it to allow it to self-clean.

The park and the cleaner lake have reaped significant positive social, health and environmental benefits. The initiative was carried out in close cooperation with representatives of relevant ministries and departments, representatives of the health industry, employees and patients at the hospital, as well as local residents, all of whom played an active part in the project’s implementation.