Mannheim, Germany

2023-09-21 10:20:11

Annual report on the achievement of the SDGs as a management tool and transformation of vacant land into a park 

Basic Data

Population size: 329,608
Population Growth Rate(%): 7.40
Surface Area (
Population Density (people/
GDP Per Capita(U.S.):3,230.43
GINI Index:0.3
Main Source of Prosperity: industry

The City of Mannheim has been actively monitoring progress towards the SDGs since 2015. For example, it advanced its monitoring process by resolving to present the city’s annual Voluntary Local Review report as one of the main municipal instruments in 2022 and enabled the administration, councillors, and the local community to gain a better understanding of how the city’s actions are responding to the SDGs.

The conversion of the former military base by the city of Mannheim is a clear example of a city directly localizing the SDGs into the daily processes of governance. Citizens were consulted on what to do with the former military base. It was decided that the space be transformed into a community park. It was also decided to organize a major Gardening Show called BUGA (facilitated by the Federal Government) dedicated specifically to the SDGs.

There are now plans to transform the 80-hectare site into a landscaped park and recreation area that will be a habitat for many different species, as well as a space for sports and other recreational activities. In addition, BUGA holds exhibitions on regional urban food production and clean and climate-friendly energy production in cities, serving as a stage for associations, the government and initiatives related to the SDGs.