Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2023-09-28 10:50:23

Smart System for Infrastructure & Utilities Lands Services



  • Population size: 3331000
  • Population Growth Rate(%): 1.48
  • Surface Area ( 35
  • Population Density (people/ 762.6
  • GDP Per Capita (U.S.$): 47792
  • GINI Index:1
  • Main Source of Prosperity: (left blank)


Dubai Municipality (DM) is considered one of the largest government institutions in terms of services, projects, and works. It is a pioneering organization and driving force for the growth and development of Dubai. Within the framework of the continuous efforts to achieve the vision of DM and its strategic goals, Dubai Municipality has rolled out a new smart system that focuses on infrastructure and planning projects. By enabling the government Authorities to access Dubai Municipality’s shared platform, project plans and documents can be uploaded, compensation can be calculated for affected landowners, and approvals can be obtained by stakeholders. digitizing its planning system and enabling planning approvals to be obtained in record time, helping to speed up the implementation of new infrastructure projects that benefit Dubai’s economy.



The initiative was carried out within the framework of the strategic plan of Dubai Municipality 2022-2026 which consists of 7 pillars with “Digital and Competitive Organizational Systems” among the most important ones.



Dubai Municipality receives hundreds of requests annually for approving infrastructure projects including allocating utility plots requests. Previously, the approvals were done manually, and it took 30 days and required many human resources and correspondence between DM & government entities, therefore, it was important to develop a smart system that is used by concerned entities to submit the projects and to get the approval through the system in record time.


A smart system has been developed and launched by the municipality to automate the procedures of approving infrastructure projects and to raise the efficiency of these procedures. As soon as the system was launched, the change in procedure and the shortening of time were noticed.


The system was designed in accordance with the latest engineering programs, enabling all concerned government entities to upload their projects, obtain data on the related lands instantly, and approve or modify their designs intelligently according to the interactive data provided by the system. Projects are approved with the least number of human resources, the rest of the staff has been assigned to accomplish tasks that require creativity and system development.


The system was developed by Dubai Municipality, Representatives of other government agencies in Dubai were involved, to provide the municipality team with their requirements. The system will be used by other government entities to submit for approval of their projects and to obtain interactive data through the system, which will enable them to make a decision to amend designs or submit for approval and so on to follow up on their projects.


The Dubai Municipality, represented by the Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS) and the Executive Planning Department, designed and implemented the system by means of internal work teams consisting of specialists in urban planning and geographic information systems. Thus, the completion was done at no cost.




Dubai Municipality has introduced a smart system that did not exist or was used before that focuses on infrastructure and planning. This system has completely changed the previous mechanism of approving projects or allocating lands for services by enabling the government entities to access the cadastral system of DM and upload the boundaries of their Projects to obtain immediate information about lands affected by the project or about the land related to their requests.



This system will support the digital strategy, which will benefit the city's growth and excellence which are the most important pillars of Dubai Municipality's strategy. The system led to a comprehensive change in the mechanism for approving infrastructure projects, which will accelerate the implementation of new infrastructure projects that benefit Dubai's economy.


The change is evaluated through the time required to complete the approval of infrastructure projects, which is measured through the electronic system and the monthly operational indicators. It can also be evaluated by measuring the happiness of the strategic partners, which is measured by the Dubai Statistics Center.


The focus has been on the services of government agencies and contractors who implement their projects within the Emirate of Dubai. The project will affect the speed of implementation of infrastructure projects in the emirate, which serves the economy of Dubai, and will be reflected in the residents of the Emirate.



The project contributes to the #9 GOAL which focuses on exploiting the potential of smart technologies that contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts and fostering an innovative approach to automate the procedure of approving infrastructure projects.

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.