Upcoming Event: International Seminar on Learning from Urban Innovation

2023-10-30 14:16:30

The International Seminar on Learning from Urban Innovation will be held online from November 6th to 9th, during which representatives of the 15 shortlisted cities will present their initiatives and answer questions from the moderators and the audience.

The seminar will be open to the public. Through initiative showcases and interactive sessions, participants can learn about the latest developments in international urban governance, and share lessons of local implementation of the SDGs and innovative practices of global cities.

About the Presentation
Time: November 6th - 9th 2023 (UTC+8)
Form: Online seminar
Result Announcement: The result will be released at the Awarding Ceremony of the 6th Guangzhou Award in early December

Seminar 1:
Making our cities and regions safe and resilient for all
Making our cities and regions safe and resilient for all—responding to emerging and new challenges
Date: November 6th, 20:30-22:00 (UTC+8)
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Cities and Initiatives:
  • Xianning, China: Enhancing traffic safety near schools through a child-friendly collaborative construction and sharing approach
  • Kazan, Russian: Park to rest and recuperate
  • Tehran, Iran: Substituting chemical poisons with pruning waste in the production of herbal formulations
  • Cape Town, South Africa: Building resilient food systems

Seminar 2:
Leaving no one and no place behind
Leaving no one and no place behind: efficient and effective delivery of core municipal functions
Date: November 7th,19:30-21:00 (UTC+8)
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Cities and Initiatives:
  • Ramallah, Palestine: Forum of Expertise, a community-led active aging initiative that empowers seniors to thrive through voluntarism and life-long learning
  • Jakarta, Indonesia: Reclaiming spaces for children using public transportation through the Navi Station initiative
  • Gwangju, Republic of Korea: GwangJuness Community Care
  • Pimpri Chinchwad, India: Navi Disha: community toilet model

Seminar 3:
Beyond smart city
Beyond smart city: empowering people and communities through technology and digital transformation
Date: November 8th, 20:30-22:00 (UTC+8)
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Cities and Initiatives:
  • São Paulo, Brazil: Programa Tô Legal

  • Kampala, Uganda: An innovation for pit-emptying services using a GIS-enabled application

  • Antalya, Türkiye: Eco-friendly Farmer Card – Protect your environment, collect points, win prizes

Seminar 4:

Towards a systems approach to urban governance
Towards a systems approach to urban governance: systemic change for more inclusive urban development
Date: November 9th: 21:00-22:30 (UTC+8)

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Cities and Initiatives:
  • Mannheim, Germany: Annual report on the achievement of the SDGs as a management tool and transformation of vacant land into a park
  • Bogotá, Colombia: Bogotá Care Blocks – How a city is reorganizing itself for women and achieving the SDGs
  • Halandri, Greece: Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T. (Cultural Hidden IDentities ReAppear through Networks of Water) -- Ancient engineering of sustainable water management meets urban innovation through citizens’ participation
  • Alcaldia Iztapalapa, Mexico City, Mexico: UTOPIAS – Urban transformation and organization for social inclusion and harmony