Luleburgaz, Turkey

2016-12-31 17:27:03

Sex, Egalitarian Approach and Directives

Background Information

Corporate success is an important criteria. One of the two vice-presidents of the municipality of Luleburgaz is a woman, who was elected as deputy mayor of Luleburgaz Municipality in local government elections in 2014. After the elections, Luleburgaz has not changed any of the female managers located in the squad.

Municipality of Luleburgaz;

2012 Budget realization rate: 81.75 percent

2012 Assessment collection rate: 87.03 percent

2013 Budget realization rate: 86.59 percent

2013 Assessment collection rate: 88.27 percent

Tesi̇ad Best Performance Program — County Municipality Best Performance Program - 2011

Tesi̇ad Best Performance Program — County Municipality Best Performance Program - 2012

Local Democracy Week Council of Europe 12 Star City Title - 2011

Local Democracy Week Council of Europe 12 Star City Title - 2012

Luleburgaz City Council Speaker

Women candidate (Aysel TAN) was elected to the committee June 23, 2014.

Municipality of Luleburgaz, which has 225 employees, assigned three women employees as out of four trade unionists.

Goals of the Initiative

Management perceptions in society have changed. The number of women and the scope of their roles in public service has increased. This increase in public and private enterprises has spread into other services in the community. Female bank managers, female employers, female waitresses, cashier women, female clerks, and also an observed increase in the number of female officers has appeared.

Innovation for the Initiative

The municipality of Luleburgaz, which has 225 employees, assigned 11 women out of 64 female employees to be managers. These 11 women make up 58 percent of the total managers. One of the two vice-presidents of the municipality of Luleburgaz is a woman. Women share in 50 percent of the duties and responsibilities of senior management. The municipality of Luleburgaz organized a team while planning the 2012-2016 period. The team consisted of 40 people and had 20 female members. These choices have had a remarkable impact on the citizens and female employees. Women who get better status encourage other women. The number of female applications for higher education significantly increases

Innovation has been applied in

The program draws on lessons from the electoral system accepted by unions for female employees. The electoral system stipulates that women have the right to speak in the elections held by unions. Women from many organizations such as unions and political parties gather in Luleburgaz on March 8 every year to discuss issues they have encountered and successful practices they have followed.

Obstacles and Solutions for Innovation

Cooperating with women in local government when dealing with such issues as determining the local service policies and displaying the city council’s image has lead to positive effects. Women in areas where workers interact with angry citizens are able to manage the situation better. Citizens who work with a female staff member typically have an accelerated job process, leading to considerable time savings.

Outcomes and Assessments

Women's policies, properly applied top management for female employees, encourages an egalitarian approach which has provided women with active participation in urban life. They took the trust of the voters. Women have taken on any responsibility given them by taking an active role in local government. Courage in taking responsibility for female employees, change, the desire for development and innovation, thanks to earlier administrative guidance in the management of female managers is very important. We share with women our management experience, accomplishments, and we encourage solidarity among female officials and give support for them. Thanks to the increase of female employees in management, communities’ perception of "manager, who will be a man" has changed.

Methods Applied

Two female union representatives, Julya Özyürek and Meral Köprülü, were selected after the city government employees made positive votes for female candidates. The number of male workers in the municipality is 69, while the number of women workers is 20. The number of valid votes cast was 63; they have been the chief union representatives and shop stewards, taking in 100 percent of the votes. They participate in the collective bargaining negotiations with the municipal administration; have provided the chance to fight on their behalf. Protection of workers' rights, and they have shown that women can do the job.