• 【FOCUS】 Scientific Urban Planning


    In recent years, lots of scientific and innovative ways of urban planning are applied to cities, which provide citizens with a more comfortable and convenient living environment.

  • 【FOCUS】Guangzhou Award was highly commended in an UCLG report


    Recently, a report entitled The Localization of the Global Agendas: How local action is transforming territories and communities, was released by UCLG...

  • 【FOCUS】Waste Management: For a Better Future


    To find out more about waste management, let’s learn from these successful initiatives and cases introduced by Guangzhou Award Secretariat!

  • 【FOCUS】 Improving the Ecological Environment


    As the Chinese Arbor Day is approaching, Guangzhou Award Secretariat would like to share a series of initiatives that contributed to improving climate condition.

  • 【FOCUS】SHEqual Rights


    To celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day, Guangzhou Award Secretariat introduces the gender equality movements in Santa Ana (Costa Rica), Mezitli (Turkey) and some other regions around the world.

  • SDG9 plus: Techno-city


    On the waves of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), technological innovation is redefining human society. How cities harness technologies to achieve sustainability becomes a focus. In this issue, we will see how cities integrate technologies

  • Water They Doing: Water Solutions


    It may seem like we are far from water shortage: about 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. However, more than 95% of the water is held by the ocean, which means it is not directly potable. Water scarcity is a big challenge facing us, and t

  • HERban Innovation: For a More Gender-Balanced City


    From left to right: Awkwafina, Billy Porter, and Amy Poehler (Getty Images)You might have already forgotten the name of the Best Picture for this year's Academy Awards, but you may still have a fresh memory of these looks at the annual gala of th

  • Case Study: Mobile Multi-Modal Mobility Guide (Berlin, Germany)


    By DENG Yuanchang / Sun Yat-Sen UniversityBerlin was a deserving city for the 3rd Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation in 2016. This study tour took place during September 2nd and 4th, 2017.The m4guide (Mobile Multi-Modal Mobility Guide) res