• Special Feature on Urban Mobility


    With the increasing demand for mobility, various serious problems and challenges such as imbalance between supply and demand, traffic congestion, accidents and environmental pollution keep emerging and continue to confront cities around the world. To addr

  • Education Betters Social Inclusion


    To achieve these goals, we need to narrow the social gaps among the different groups. To begin with, we need to train and educate the disadvantaged to raise their education and vocational skill levels.

  • Sustainable Mobility and Urban Development


    Transport and mobility is the basis of economic development and the crux of quality social life. Cities should highly value the construction of sustainable mobility when seeking sustainable urban development.

  • Disposal and Recycling of Waste


    With the wider infiltration of economic globalization, environmental protection and energy preservation have arisen as prominent global concerns. Waste disposal is critical in addressing those concerns.

  • Special Feature on Public Participation and Urban Development Innovation


    On July 23, the Public Participation and Urban Development Innovation Forum, a sub-event of 2015 (the Tenth) Conference on Urban Development and Planning, was successfully held in Baiyun International Convention Center. Nowadays, it has become a trend for

  • Special Feature on Eco-smart and Green Development


    With the theme on “Ecological Wisdom, One Belt and One Road, Green Development”, the 2015 Conference on Urban Development and Planning is to take place in the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center on July 22-23, 2015. In recent years, China

  • Special Feature on Youth Education and Protection


    Youth are any city’s future. It is thus very important for any city to take heed of and tackle any problems that are facing their respective adolescents and to ensure their future development.This Newsletter focuses on youth education and protection, an

  • Energy Innovation Makes Life Better


    Energy is the material basis for human civilization and progress and indispensable to social development. The world has an endless desire for power supply and has experienced an increasingly demand of energy. However, energy will, by no means, be in endle

  • Special Feature on Smart City


    Literature abounds with references to "smart city" and "big data" approaches to solving urban problems. The purpose of this article is to analyze these approaches by looking at recent "best practices" in the implementation of